Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Deals!

Even if this is your first little bundle of joy, you probably already know that babies are not cheap! Planning ahead, knowing where to look for deals, and what insider deals are the best can really help lower your costs. Here are some ways to save just a little each time! After a while a little can go a LONG way!

Pampers Reward Points Program
Pampers has a reward points program that you just simply sign up for on their website. Every time you buy Pampers diapers or wipes there is a code that you put into the website and it adds points to your "account". You can then trade your points in for some baby related stuff. You can get free photo prints, chances to win REALLY BIG prizes, $5 off coupons, and even donations to charities. Just click on the paragraph title and it will take you to the page where you can join! It is all FREE (besides all those diapers and wipes you will buy anyways!)

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Program
This is the Huggies equivalent of the Pampers Rewards Program. It works the same way. Just simply sign up as a Huggies member and enter the code inside Huggies products (diapers and wipes) and you will receive points for each product that can be used to get baby stuff, coupons and more! I signed up for both because I buy Pampers diapers (just for at night thought, we use cloth normally) and Huggies wipes. Again, just click on "Huggies Enjoy the Ride Program" at the beginning of this paragraph and it will take you to the page where you can sign up!

Babies R Us Rewards
This is a similar program except it is rewards based on how much you spend at Babies R Us. This is something most people sign up for in the store. They will give you a few cards that you can put on your key chain or keep in your wallet. My advice is to sign up early before people buy you stuff and give out the other reward cards to your family so that each time they buy anything from Babies R Us that you get the reward points! Genius, I know! Click on the title and you can find out where the nearest Babies R Us is to you! I also highly suggest making a baby registry at Babies R Us, they have everything you might need!

Secondhand Stores
Call me cheap, but these stores are GREAT! The stores I suggest going to would be ones that are geared toward baby and children's stuff. This is because they only take quality stuff and they check all products to make sure they are safe and working properly. My favorite part about these stores are the gently used clothes (especially for the newborns/infants) Babies grow out of clothes so fast that buying them a $1.50 onsie that your little one can wear for maybe a month is a lot cheaper than $5-$6 . Check out the secondhand shops in your area and keep checking out the cool things they have. The great thing about these stores is their inventory is always changing because of what people bring in! Here is a list of great baby/children second hand stores. Just click on each name to go to their website and find one near you!
Kid to Kid
Once Upon a Child
Children's Orchard

Kids Woot!
This is an online "one day, one deal" type website. Each day that sell one item and a deeply discounted price. Some days it is older kids stuff and others it is baby type stuff. It is just what they decide to sell each day. Check it out and you just might get lucky! Click on the title to go to the website!

There are lots of other ways to save and be smart while getting the baby stuff you need. These are just a few ways that I have found that me and my family have found helpful. I will probably add to this list as I run into other great deals in my online shopping trip! Happy deal hunting and as always, God bless you and your family!

Until the Whole World Hears,
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