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Brewer Pregnancy Diet

When I was pregnant with my son, we went through a Bradley Method birthing class that was 10 weeks long and met once a week. This was where I really got a lot of my information and resources from. One of the most important things in this class was the education on having a well balanced pregnancy diet. Being pregnant means you are not only eating to keep yourself healthy, but you are eating so that your baby can grow to be the healthiest it can be too! So, what should us pregnant ladies eat to get the best nutrition for ourselves and our babies?

Dr. Thomas Brewer is like the top most authority on nutrition during pregnancy. He has made a guided diet to help pregnant moms get exactly what they need for both mommy and baby to be healthy! This particular diet (minus my personal notes) came from my Bradley Method workbook. Dr. Brewer suggests that every day, you should have the following:

 1. Milk Products- 4 glasses of milk of any kind, including milk, buttermilk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc. Getting enough calcium has always been hard. Have whole grain cereal for breakfast and you will get part of your milk AND whole grains for the day!

2. Eggs- two eggs (hard boiled, in french toast, or added to other foods). Eggs are a great source of protein. It is always hard for me to get enough. Try egg on your salad, or making an omelet for dinner, or having a hard boiled egg for snack.  

3. Protein- This is so important! You need to be getting 80-100 GRAMS of protein a day! This is hard, but having enough protein can extensively reduce your risk of complications. It is a proven fact! Proteins provide amino acids which are the building blocks of the body. Two servings of fish, or seafood, liver, chicken, beef, lamb or pork, beans or cheese.

4. Greens- Two good servings of fresh green leafy vegetables: collard, turnip greens, spinach, lettuce or cabbage. I try and eat a side salad with my lunch almost every day. I get small containers and make enough for the whole week on Sunday. Then I just have to grab one out of the fridge and add dressing!

5. Whole Grains- Four or more slices of whole grain wheat bread, corn bread, cereal or tortillas. I am not a fan of wheat bread so I buy whole grain white. It is just as good for you. Make sure that it is truly "whole grain" by looking for the yellow whole grain LOGO on your food.

6. Vitamin C Foods- one or two pieces of citrus fruit or glasses of juice: lemon, lime, orange tomato or grapefruit. I buy real fruit Popsicles that are lime. Also, I love squeezing lemon juice onto unseasoned pasta (garden rotini) The best way is eating the fresh fruit. (or make sure to add tomatoes to your daily side salad)

7. Fats and Oils- Three servings of butter, flax seed oil, avocados, olive oil etc. Avocados are just all around excellent thing to eat. They are such an excellent source of the GOOD fats you and your baby need. My husband and I would cut an avocado down the middle (long ways) take out the middle, salt and pepper the inside and eat it just like that. (You really have to love avocados to do this) Or make some fresh guacamole. 

8. Fruits and Vegetables- One additional serving of fruits and vegetables. I love to eat strawberries and blueberries. Try freezing your blueberries, I think frozen blueberries are the best! (frozen grapes are great too!) Also, you can make a fresh fruit smoothie! Add a little protein powder (at the suggestion of my midwife) and it makes the smoothie even healthier!

Other food that Dr. Brewer suggests to include in your diet are:
  • A Yellow or orange-colored fruit or vegetable five times a week
  • Whole baked potato three times a week..
  • Plenty of fluids (water, juice, etc.) Getting enough fluids is SO important!!
  • Salt food to taste for a safe increase in blood volume.

I am totally not a nutritionist or a doctor so you should always talk to your doctor about starting a diet. Ask your doctor about Brewer Pregnancy Diet. It is hard to get all of all of these things every day. I just try to get as close as I can each day. This diet also helps me decide what I should have to eat (since I am so indecisive!) Here are some links that are very helpful:

These are much more detailed than my post and are very helpful in what to eat and how much! Check it out! There is some great stuff on there! Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Happy eating and as always God Bless you and your family!

Until the Whole World Hears,
Katie <><

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