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Cloth Diapers Part 4: Cloth Diaper Accessories

Now there are lots of different types of accessories to make cloth diapering your baby easier. Some are less than useful, but there are a few that I would recommend investing in.

Diaper Wet Bag- This is what would replace a diaper pail that are used to dispose of disposable diapers. 

These contain the soiled/wet diapers and any smell you might be worried about until it is time to wash them. Simply pull all of the parts of the diaper apart (take the insert out of the pocket diapers, etc.) and put all parts of the diaper in the wet bag and zip it closed. When it is time to wash, unzip the bag and dump it into the washer.

Here are links to a few different wet bags:
Itzy Ritzy *This is what I use
FuzziBunz Zipper Tote
FuzziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail

There are more brands of wet bags than I have listed. I got mine off EcoBabyBuys.

Diaper liners- These are thin, single sheet liners that you put on top of the open diaper. This liner goes between the diaper and your baby's bottom. There are two kinds of liners:

1. Reusable liners- These are usually fleece, and very thin. They are very soft against baby's bottom, wick away moisture and protect your diaper from messy diapers. These can be washed with your diapers, and line drying these liners will keep them looking good for longer.
Bummis Reusable Fleece Liners

2. Biodegradable liners- This is every cloth-diapering mom's golden gem! These are wonderful liners that usually come in a roll (like toilet paper) of 100. Simply put this between your baby's bottom and the diaper. When you change the diaper, simply remove the liner (and anything that might be in the liner...) and simply flush the soiled liner down the toilet! No messy poop to clean up in your cloth diapers!

Here are links to a few different biodegradable liners:
Bummis *These are the ones I use

Diaper Sprayer- This is a sprayer with an attached hose that connects to the base of a toilet. This is to spray down those extra soiled diapers over the toilet before putting them into a wet bag (or in some cases, right into the washer)

These are wonderful and useful in washing cloth diapers, but I would not consider them a necessity for cloth diapers. Let's call it a cloth diaper luxury item (even though they aren't that expensive)

Here are links to a few different diaper sprayers:
Diaper Sprayer on Amazon
bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

Hope this gives you a good idea of what accessories are helpful in making cloth diapering your baby as easy as possible! There are lots of different cloth diaper accessories out there. Please feel free to leave a comment about your favorite accessory!

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