Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Katie's Top 10 Baby Products

This is a Katie’s Top 10 List! I know you won’t forget to buy the car seat, diaper bag or stroller so they WONT be on this list, but other things you might not even think of will be! I am counting down my favorite 10 baby items. Maybe some of this stuff is traditional baby stuff, but it is stuff that I LOVE.

I have included a link to a place you can view and purchase each baby item. The places I have linked each item to is one like the item I own, or the one I WISH I owned! These would be great things to add to the registry!
     10. Big Blanket- I used a blanket almost every day when my son was a newborn up through six months. I would lay the blanket out in the living room and put him on there with some toys. It was a safe, clean surface I could put my baby on. We vacuum  the carpet, but with pets, how clean is it really? I felt much more comfortable putting him on a blanket, and if anything happened (from either end) I could just throw it in the wash!
      9. Pack ‘N’ Play-This is at #9 ONLY because you are probably not going to leave home overnight, where you might need this, for a while after your baby is born. A Pack N Play is a portable crib that folds up AMAZINGLY small into a carrier. (it fit in the back of my VW Beetle) The one I have has a full size bassinet on the top (for the really little ones) and then you just move the mat down to the bottom when they get bigger.
      8. Bottle Warmer- For nursing mommies and formula feeding mommies alike, this is a must-have. It is so easy! Just plug it in, fill with water and put the bottle in! Be careful and watch it! I cannot tell you how many times I left a bottle in too long and had to stick it in ice/cold water to cool (because my son was panicking)
      7. Play Mat- A play mat/gym is great for putting your baby on his back and just letting him explore. He may not be able to move around a lot or grab any toys yet, but your baby will LOVE to look at all the toys hanging on the mat and the environment around the room. This is wonderful stimulation for your baby and helps develop eye sight.
      6. Moby Wrap- I did not have this one with my first, but it is at the TOP of my wish list right now for baby #2! These wraps are wonderful and all that use the Moby Wrap just rave about it. I love the idea of being able to “wear” my baby and it is a proven fact that the more closeness Mommy and baby have (from the beginning) the healthier it is for baby AND Mommy!
     5. Baby Mittens- My son was born with CRAZY long fingernails (Fingernails grow faster in the amniotic fluid than normal) and he was always scratching himself (even if we trimmed them) They have heavy or light mittens depending on if you have a summer or winter baby.

     4. Arm & Hammer Disposable Bags- you never know what is going to get peed/pooped on. Just throw the soiled clothes in the bag, and it keeps the clothes and your diaper bag from stinking. When you get home, take the clothes out and throw away the bag! Also great for cloth diapers! We use cloth and we just put the used diapers in a bag until we get home!
      3. Nursing Cover- At first I was very nervous about nursing my son in public. A nursing cover is great because it covers what it needs to while Mommy and baby can still see each other. It takes a few times to master “the art of undercover nursing”, but it made me feel so much more comfortable about nursing in public or in mixed company.
     2. Bounce Seat- These are reclined baby seats that sit on the floor. they are reclined and built so that they can be gently bounced up and down. There is a harness to strap the baby in. A lot have vibrations and music to go along with it. It is great for Mommy to take a break from holding baby, but still a safe secure place. It's great to put the baby in the seat while folding laundry, cooking, vacuuming and all the other chores that cannot be managed with a baby in tow.

      1. Boppy Pillow-This is the #1 most wonderful invention for new moms. It is a semicircle shaped pillow that fits around your waist. It helps you hold your baby while nursing or feeding. You can also lay baby inside the pillow, propped up, or flip baby over for tummy time with some neck support! My dad and husband wish they made these in adult sizes (so they could lay in the Boppy!)

     The things on this list are mainly newborn (0-6mo) stuff. I will make a top 10 list for older  babies (6-12mo) as a whole different post sometime soon! Hope you enjoyed my list! God Bless you and your family!

     Until the Whole World Hears,

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